Hey, I'm Lisa Corduff and I interview health peeps all the time. I love getting into the nitty gritty with people who really know their stuff. 

This Women's Health Series was born because I wanted the low-down on what is REALLY going on behind particular health concerns.

What are my cravings trying to tell me?
Why isn't weight budging no matter how well I eat!?
Why do I need to care about my thyroid and is it possible to do it naturally?
And what's going on with my hormones? (This foundational interview ALONE is worth the price of the package!)

So many of us are walking around with niggling health concerns and we’d love professional advice.
 But which professional?
 Why can't I talk to my doctor about why I just feel 'off?'
Enter the amazing Chinese Medicine Doctor and Hormone Specialist
 Nat Kringoudis

She's changing women's lives with her knowledge and she's about to change yours...
For just $27, gain access to an interview series that could change your life.
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Here's what people have said:

Here's the breakdown:
Video #1
Help Me Balance My Hormones!
Video #2
Why Is My Weight Not Shifting? No Matter How Well I Eat!!
Video #3
Why Do I Need To Care About My Thyroid?
Video #4
Help Me Control My Cravings!
That's over SIX HOURS of high level, actionable information to help you improve your health, from one of Australia's most respected health experts.
People wait months to see Nat in her clinic, The Pagoda Tree, in Melbourne.

And you can watch her genius live from the comfort of home.

 Enjoy her insights and knowledge and apply them to your life straight away.

Get inspired, get educated,
and get empowered
to be the boss of your own health.
Get the answers and advice you've been seeking!

We unlocked so much amazing info for you to use in YOUR LIFE.

Don't settle for average health.

Get cosy on your couch (I’m SURE Nat would approve of a glass of red…..!) and enjoy the show.
Learn the essential elements to good health

(Making this almost EIGHT HOURS of Nat's genius for just $27!)

Access to the 'WHY WE BLOAT' interview conducted with Nat post-Christmas - when I was so bloated I looked pregnant again - brilliant insights.

The feedback we received on that interview alone was overwhelming (and a major reason we ran a longer women's health series ... besides the fact we have a hilariously good time!)

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